Tuesday, April 5, 2011

First scrub of the week: Ken Masters

This folks is our first featured scrub: Ken Masters!!

Now when I made this blog I didn't do it just to mock characters and their fanbases. No no, that's too obvious and easy. Oh no, I want to call out the characters themselves. 

Ken Masters is one of the main characters from the Street Fighter fighting games made by Capcom, first released in 1987 in arcades. Ken is the rival of the series (for the most part) main character, Ryu. 

Ryu was an orphan found by a karate master named Gouken, that's about all you will need to know about Ryu's past. 

Ken Master's was a young american boy who was rather disrespectful a child. His father, who was a rich hotel tycoon happened to know Gouken and asked him if he could discipline his child and teach him to defend himself if he ever got into any trouble. Gouken gladly accepted and Ken was flown out to Japan to live and train with Gouken and his adopted son Ryu. Over the years Ryu and Ken became friends and had a very close rivalry.

Ken always been known to be rather cocky before, after, and even during fights. He was the young american who couldn't be stopped. He wandered the world trying to find people to fight so he could improve his art, but in the end did he really improve all that much? 

Some basics about the Shotokan fighting style. There are more than few characters in the Street Fighter universe use this fighting style. There are 3 main facets of this style, a Hadoken or "fireball", a Shoryuken which is essentially an uppercut that propels you into the air and a Tatsumaki, which is a kick that you spin off the ground and move forward, generally. Now most shoto characters in Street Fighter, they generally are a balance in all 3 of those attacks, but Ken has more of a mastery of the Shoryuken than his other two, leaving them not quite as powerful as other characters. This is one reason, in my opinion why Ken is a scrub, he doesn't even bother to learn his entire art.

Later on in the Street Fighter timeline, Ken marries a young american woman name Eliza. Together they conceive a child, and what does Ken do? Leave to go risk his life in another World Warrior tournament. Instead of staying home and taking care of his wife and soon-to-be-child, he fights people around the world for the sake of becoming a better fighter. Who does this? I'll tell you who, scrubs.

Lastly, as I said above, he's very cocky. He may have a friendly rivalry with Ryu, but he often thinks he is the better one, but he never really wins. He taunts his opponent and even fought Akuma (Gouken's evil brother) after he found Gouken in a coma (He assumed Gouken had died). Akuma defeated Ken in one blow and didn't even kill him since he didn't think that Ken was worth the effort. You want to know why? Because ken was a scrub.

So this is pretty much why Ken is a scrub. Don't like it? 

Deal w/ it.


  1. You know which character you should do next?
    Akuma man, he's pretty scrubby amiright?

  2. Actually I was thinking about doing Cody next week. He's SUCH a scrub

  3. Oh yeah I forgot about him, he really is a scrub.
    But an even scrubbier character is Juri Han, you should do her next

  4. Well, I'd say she isn't nearly as scrubby as that Ryu character.

  5. You're all scrubs. Deal w/ it.

  6. Woah dude this post makes me remember my childhood. Cheers.

  7. lol hilarious insight of one of my favorite characters! well played.

  8. Thanks guys! I wasn't sure about this but after these comments I'm glad to see people out there like it.

  9. yo steven lay off the scrubs man
    they just ain't worth it dawg

  10. Lulz, good read man, looking forward to your next post.

  11. Wonderful. Scrub Scrub Scrub Scrub Scrub Scrub

  12. Sorry about the delay guys, new blog entry within the next 2 days, I promise.

  13. It has been two days where blogpost scrubadub man

    Also I agree Ken is a scrubtastic scrubabalooooooo